Rowena Ward

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  • Description

    Rowena has a wide experience in delivering procurement solutions, more recently in the local government, telecommunications and financial services sectors. She is an acknowledged expert in procurement business process re-engineering and systems in both public and private sectors. Rowena specialised initially in procurement transformation and more recently in Contract & Relationship Management for local government. More recent assignments include developing and delivering diagnostic and consultancy tools such as the Commercial Contracting Challenge and the National Procurement Strategy 2018 diagnostic. Rowena is a recognised expert on expenditure analysis and has written several whitepapers and guidance papers on the subject having worked with dozens of councils and collaborative bodies to deliver strategic, systems and savings benefits through improved expenditure analysis and classification.

  • Specialism(s)


  • Work Location

    East of England

  • Previous Clients

    Southend BC, Brentwood BC, LB Tower Hamlets, Watford & Three Rivers Councils, Royal Society for Chemistry, Thurrock Council and Aster Group

  • Core Skills

    Contract & Relationship Management, Project Management, Systems & Processes, Expenditure Analysis, Diagnostics and Analytics

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