The East of England Local Government Marketplace enables trading companies and traded services owned by or part of a local authority in the East of England to advertise their services and trade with other local authorities in the East of England.

The East of England LGA’s Marketplace has the unique position whereby services can be purchased between our member authorities with exemption from the public procurement regulations and therefore avoiding the resources and expense involved in a tender or quotation process. To read more about how this exemption works, open our document Public Contracts Between Entities Within The Public Sector

The East of England LGA continues to maintain full membership within the region and is committed to assisting our 50 member organisations to be the best that they can possibly be for their communities.

For more information about the work of the East of England LGA and to sign up to our newsletter visit www.eelga.gov.uk


If you need any help or advice please contact us at either marketplace@eelga.gov.uk or 01284 758300