Jane Cox

Talent Bank Associates

  • Description

    Jane has many years’ experience of working within organisations as a Change Consultant, Coach and Coach Mentor. She took the lead in designing and delivering a suite of Coach Training programmes for EELGA and continues to provide support to Authorities throughout the Eastern Region in the belief that coaching is a fundamental of good leadership as it supports the growth of respectful and effective organisational cultures. Jane's coaching approach is integrative, using and strengths based approach to help her clients develop a greater awareness of themselves, encouraging them to explore and implement alternative ways of working that are meaningful for them and have a positive impact on their surrounding system.

  • Specialism(s)

    Organisational Development, Personal and Professional Development

  • Work Location

    East of England

  • Previous Clients

    EELGA, Rochford DC, South Cambs DC, and many other authorities across the Eastern Region

  • Core Skills

    Executive Coaching, Coach Supervision & Mentoring

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