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  • Jane Cox

    Human Resources, Organisational Development

    Jane has many years’ experience of working within organisations as a Change Consultant, Coach and…

  • JE Training

    Human Resources

    Job evaluation is your authorities’ foundation for a fair and equitable pay system. The Local…

  • Jeanette Rouse

    Human Resources, Investigations, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Organisational Development, Training

    A senior HR professional with over 20 years’ experience - a wide set of skills…

  • Jeff Bellamy

    Commercialisation, Human Resources, Investigations, Organisational Development, Training, Transformation

    Jeff has a professional “hands on” approach as a Project Manager, with 20 years’ experience.…

  • Jenny Dines

    Human Resources, Organisational Development

    Jenny has extensive experience in Human Resources and Organisational Development with over 15 years' experience.…

  • John Cross

    Coaching, Commercialisation, Human Resources, Organisational Development, Training

    Significant commercial experience with blue-chip companies particularly with the engagement of, and communication to, different…

  • Kate Coplestone-Crow

    Human Resources, Organisational Development

    Kate has 10 years experience working in the Public Sector. She has extensive experience in…

  • Kathy Batey

    Human Resources, Organisational Development, Recruitment

    A highly motivated and adaptable HR Manager with a broad range of experience and the…

  • Leadership Bootcamp For Politicians And Senior Executives

    Coaching, Human Resources, Organisational Development, Strategic Planning, Training

    A two-day workshop designed to challenge a small group of participants to re-examine their work…