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  • Development Coaching

    Coaching, Human Resources, Organisational Development, Training, Transformation

    Development Coaching is designed to be both practical and motivational, supporting improvement in an individual's…

  • Effective Communication


    This half-day workshop, delivered by Breckland Training Services. will help you to improve the effectiveness…

  • Effective Decision Making


    Many of those entrusted and empowered to make decisions do not commit a sufficient amount…

  • Election Training

    Organisational Development, Training

    To prepare election staff, in particular presiding officer and polling station clerks, for election day.

  • Emergency Planning and Recovery

    Organisational Development, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Training

    You do not need to be part of an emergency planning or response team to…

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Coaching, Human Resources, Organisational Development, Training

    This emotional intelligence training course addresses our own Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how we can…

  • Engaging Young People

    Organisational Development, Public Relations, Training

    Councillors can support young people to participate in society and become part of the solution…

  • Environmental Health Consultancy UK

    Coaching, Commercialisation, Environmental Service, Training

    EHT&C is a joint commercial venture of Breckland and South Holland Councils Public Protection service.…

  • Facilitation and Collaborative Working

    Human Resources, Organisational Development, Training

    Based on genuine local authority case studies that focus on when facilitation and collaboration has…