Understanding & Engaging in Commissioning for Culture and Leisure Services

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  • Description

    Commissioning is a central part of the approach to redesigning services because it offers a means of joining up resources to focus on improving outcomes for individuals and communities.
    The aim of this one day training session is to help you and your team to:
    • consider how you could better engage with strategic and other commissioning processes taking place in your own locality
    • explore opportunities for your service to contribute to better outcomes for individuals and communities
    The workshop will refer to modules in Engaging in commissioning, a resource pack jointly produced by the LGA, CLOA, Sport England and the Arts Council and use practical exercises to help participants consider how this approach can be applied to their services. The training is suitable for groups of up to 15 delegates
    During the training session participants will:
    • Learn more about the commissioning process and the changing commissioning landscape
    • Find out about the role of commissioners and consider what they want from culture and leisure services
    • Explore different types of commissioning contexts including neighbourhood commissioning/service personalisation and consider the role of their service
    • Undertake a self-assessment to establish where they currently are
    • Consider how they can better position their service in the commissioning landscape by mapping opportunities and building relationships
    • Begin to plan the future approach using the step by step guide

  • Specialism(s)

    Organisational Development, Training, Transformation

  • Work Location

    East of England

  • Previous Clients

    Suffolk County Council, London Museum Development, The National Archives and Museums, Archives and Libraries Division (Wales)

  • Core Skills

    Commissioning, Culture, Leisure

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