Conflict Management for Line Managers

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  • Description

    Line managers and supervisors need to manage friction and challenge every day. How effectively they do so will impact significantly on the productivity, engagement and success of their teams. This full day workshop covers the basics of conflict management for line managers and supervisors. At the end of the workshop, participants will; have a thorough understanding of how conflict originates and grows, understand their own conflict style, how it impacts on others and how it can be managed, understand how to structure and manage challenging conversations and understand the priciples and practice of listening in conflict. Delivered by Milee Brambleby.

  • Specialism(s)

    Mediation and Conflict Resolution

  • Work Location

    Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, East of England, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk

  • Previous Clients

    Harlow DC, East Suffolk DC, Babergh and Mid Suffolk Council, Huntingdonshire DC

  • Core Skills

    Line management, leadership skills, conflict resolution, difficult team, problem team, career development, personal development, management skills, engagement

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