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    A 3 day coaching skill programme using the Go MAD Thinking® Results Framework covering: 4 Goal setting techniques; High Quality question design; coaching behaviours; and a high degree of practical coaching exercises. To enable supervisors, managers and leaders to be able to coach their people to improved results. Can be combined with wider transformational change or culture change programme for optimum results. Can include (optional) 90 day challenge sessions focused on specific organisational goals e.g. savings, increased sales/referral, improved productivity, efficiency etc. for a highly focused or personalised development opportunity that also brings better results. Each delegate will be encouraged to embed their learning as a trainee coach by finding 3 colleagues to coach over the next six months. Meaning the development assists 48 of your people to work on goals that otherwise would remain ‘stuck’.

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  • Work Location

    Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, East of England, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk

  • Previous Clients

    Southend on Sea Borough Council & Tendring District Council

  • Core Skills

    Coaching, enabling improved results, employee engagement, solution focused thinking, high performance, management, leadership skills

  • Expected Outcomes

    Better results from teams whose supervisors, managers, leaders attend and apply the techniques. Highly practical all exercises used to embed the training will be based on real work challenges, with delegates solving real problems whilst learning. Improved quality of thinking also has a highly beneficial impact on: reducing stress, improving accountability/personal responsibility, supporting managers to address performance issues via coaching, without creating conflict, increased employee engagement, greater satisfaction, reduced conflict. (Options) Each delegate will undertake a 90 day challenge aligned to a specific organisational theme or programme. Strongly recommended a six month follow up session encouraging all delegates to become accredited by coaching 3 other individuals from their organisation, to embed the learning - this also means 36 more individuals benefit and have assistance with their thinking!

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