Martin Curtis

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  • Description

    Martin has over 20 years of experience working with Councils and politicians, including a long period as a Councillor where he was a council leader and, of course, many other things, including the chair and vice-chair of a number of organisations, including a planning committee – a role he held for 6 years. During this time, Martin was also a Regional Lead Peer for the Local Government Association and was involved in numerous peer reviews. His acumen led to him being nominated to take part in the prestigious African Peer Review project where he spent a week working with a local authority in Namibia. For the last 9 years Martin has specialised in engagement with politicians and communities, making sure he has kept up to date with how Councils operate, whilst also taking an external perspective. His main involvement has been in Planning, especially housing and he has significant knowledge of the housing sector.

  • Specialism(s)

    Communications, Public Sector Reform

  • Public Sector Experience

    15 years +

  • Work Location

    Cambridgeshire, East of England

  • Previous Clients

    Martin has worked with almost all of the major house builders in the UK as well as land promoters and councils. He has carried out peer reviews and mentoring at local authorities across England.

  • Core Skills

    Housing, Planning, Infrastructure and Community Engagement

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