Karen Chapman

Talent Bank Associates

  • Description

    Karen is an economist and accountant with 30 years’ experience including senior roles in management consultancy, central government / NDPB, and local government. Karen works with you to quickly understand your needs, establish a clear work programme, engage and listen to stakeholders, assess and analyse qualitative and quantitative data and present results in a clear, evidence-based way.
    Karen can support your council in a range of areas – from project assessment and business case development to programme evaluation and performance reporting.

  • Specialism(s)

    Business/Investment Cases, Economic Evaluations, Performance Audit, Project Governance and Delivery

  • Public Sector Experience

    15 years +

  • Work Location

    East of England

  • Previous Clients

    Transport East, Lowestoft Town Council, Stowmarket Town Council

  • Core Skills

    Business Case Investment and Assessment, Performance Auditing and Evaluation, Interim Project Management and Delivery

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