Dave Fergus

Talent Bank Associates

  • Description

    Dave comes from an entrepreneurial private sector background and is an experienced commercial business consultant and interim manager. He is an expert in all aspects of commercialism. Specialist in local authority trading companies (LATC’s) as insourcing lead, MD, Commercial Director and NED. Experienced in ‘doing’ as interim director (incl. Strategic) and ‘reviewing’ as consultant. 14 years broad LA service experience. Financially trained (as ACA) from entrepreneurial private sector background (ex- CEO, turnaround MD, VC backed Sales & Marketing Director and NED).

  • Specialism(s)

    Commercialisation, Environmental Service, Procurement, Transformation

  • Work Location

    East of England

  • Previous Clients

    Trafford MBC, Croydon BC, Luton BC, North Hertfordshire DC, Luton BC, South Cambridgeshire DC, Braintree DC, Basildon BC, Colchester BC, Brentwood BC, South Norfolk DC, Peterborough CC, Blackpool BC, Leeds CC, Gateshead BC, Hull CC, Belfast CC, Surrey CC.

  • Core Skills

    Commercial Capability, Interim Positions, Senior Positions, Shared Services, Outsourcing, Insourcing, Procurement, Environment, LATCo Management, Training, Mentoring.

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