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  • Adrian Bush

    Coaching, Human Resources, Investigations, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Training

    Adrian has years of experience in the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors and his real…

  • Appraisal Training

    Coaching, Human Resources, Organisational Development, Training

    Ideal for anyone who is a people manager, responsible for managing the performance and conduct…

  • Aspiring Managers Workshop

    Coaching, Organisational Development, Training

    Aimed at aspiring managers, with a focus on development, and kept consistent with the “Setting…

  • Assertiveness Training


    Being assertive can help us to feel better about ourselves i.e. improving self-esteem and personal…

  • Being Effective in Meetings

    Organisational Development, Training

    A recent study suggested more than 30% of the time in meetings is wasted! It…

  • Breckland Training Services


    Breckland Training Services is a local authority owned training provider which is helping to develop…

  • Career Track


    Career Track has been providing work based learning programmes since 1983 within Tendring District Council.…

  • Change and Change Management

    Organisational Development, Training

    This interactive workshop introduces delegates to key areas to consider when supporting organisations, individuals and…

  • Collaborative Working

    Organisational Development, Training

    There is no doubt that in the current financial environment there is a need for…